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Get More Cash for Your Ride

Don't let dealers give you less at trade-in, take a look at why Driveo is a great way to get more money for your car!

Cash in Hand and More of It

Our offers are very competitive; we'll give you more money for your car than a dealer trade-in or car buying service. Many of our customers end up leaving with at least $1,000 more than an average dealer offer.

transparent appraisal

Transparent and Fair Appraisal

Our process is completely fair and transparent. We not only show you how we got to our number, we also show you how much you might get in a private party sale or at other San Diego dealerships.

easy to sell your car

Easy and Convenient

Know the price upfront. Our online process means you don't even have to leave your home to get a quote. Just fill out our online form and schedule an appointment. Come in if you're happy with our quote and when you're ready to sell!

sell my car for cash

Cash in Hand

If you're planning on buying another car, having cash in hand to negotiate has its advantages over trading in. Arriving at your new dealership with cash as a down payment may secure better financial terms or even a better price.

save time

We Save You Time

Negotiating the trade-in value of your car isn't only exhausting, it can also be pretty time consuming. Many dealers will move at a slow pace while appraising trade-ins, hoping that you'll settle for their often low offer.

Thinking of selling yourself? Read this first.

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