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Just a Few Steps to Sell Your Car!

Selling your car yourself is a hassle. Selling your car to Driveo is easy! This is how we do it.

How it Works

about your car

one Tell Us about Your Ride

Our short form will walk you through a few basic questions about your car and the condition it's in. You can include some photos and the vin number, but neither are required to get your offer.

quote for your car online

two Get a Quote in Minutes

We'll appraise your car based on the information you provided and send you a Driveo quote by email and text that is valid for 30 days. Our quotes are fast, but not automated or instant. We will do real market research in order to give you a quote that is fair and likely higher than many dealers or car buying services. Once you've got your quote, selling your car is easy. Just schedule an appointment for a day and time that works for you.

cruise in cash out

three Cruise In, Cash Out

Your quote is valid for 30 days, giving you plenty of time to make an appointment and stop by your local drop-off location. During your appointment, we'll verify the information you provided and may adjust the quote for any awesome features you might have missed and present you with a final offer. Keep in mind discrepancies may be adjusted for as well. You then get a check and you're done. The paperwork’s all taken care of for you, and you get to leave with payment in hand. It's that easy!

free ride

four Catch a Ride, on Us

Enjoy a complimentary ride to anywhere locally. Relax, tell your friends, and pat yourself on the back for closing a great deal!

Ready to sell?

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Our Pricing Advantage

We want to give you the tools to make the best decision. Driveo quotes are transparent, competitive, and are based on real market research, not just book values!

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What Does Our Quote Look Like?

Unlike traditional quotes from other places, we also consider trade-in value and private party sale price when evaluating your car to give you a fair quote.

Our quote shows you how much your car is worth in a standard trade-in and the amount you could get for selling your car yourself. Our number will fall in between, giving you the power to choose and the know-how to make the right decision.

car value

Real Numbers, Honest Offers

We believe a truly accurate appraisal can't be automated. Before we can give you an offer, we have to do our homework too. Our offers are based on real market research. We check book values, auction data, and we even compare your car to similar vehicles listed for sale in order to provide you an offer that is real, honest, and competitive.

Our goal is to offer you a reasonable price for your car. Why else would you come to us? We'll typically offer you significantly more money than many dealers or car buying services by finding a number that makes everyone happy!

more cash

Why We Can Pay More

Used cars go on a long journey before reaching their new owners.

You get a low offer at trade-in due to the several parties wanting to profit from selling your car, including the trade-in dealer, the wholesale dealer, the auction where your car is sold, transport companies, and the used car dealer.

We've cut out all the middlemen by buying directly from you, so you get more cash for your ride, and we get to sell more cars to happy new owners!

What to Expect at Your Appointment

  • An appraiser will verify the information you provided, which includes a brief inspection and possibly a test drive.
  • We may fine-tune the initial quote based on the inspection results and present you with a final offer. Initial quotes are manually prepared and often align with final offers, which may occasionally go up for any added features you forgot to mention, or go down if there are any negative items discovered.
  • If you are happy with the offer, we'll handle the paperwork and take care of the payment, and you're done! Not ready to sell? No worries, take your time and consider our offer when you're ready!
  • Need a ride? A local ride after the sale is on us!

What to Bring

  • All keys and remotes to the car
  • Service records, if you've got them
  • Current registration and title, if available
  • Driver's license or valid ID

Tips to Make Your Visit Even Easier

  • Make sure to take all personal items out of the car.
  • Don't worry about smog tests before the sale, we'll handle it.
  • No need to wash and detail your car either.
  • Car not paid off? Please have the payoff information ready. We'll send a payment to your lender and give you the difference between the agreed upon price and the amount you owe. Any negative equity or remaining financial obligations should be paid to us at the time of sale in order to send a full payoff to the lender.
  • All legal owners must be present, please contact us if you are not sure if all owners are necessary.

Any lingering questions or concerns?
We're here to help!

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