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We can only succeed if we can provide you a service that brings value and ease to your life, why else would you come to us? Our mission is simple; we want to help you get more out of your car than the traditional dealer trade-in, while making it easier for you than selling a car on your own.

10 years of buying cars

About Driveo

At Driveo, we don't just buy cars, we sell them too. Over the last 10 years, we've bought and sold thousands of cars, and appraised even more. Like most car dealerships, we've relied heavily on wholesale car auctions for our inventory, this is always risky since we don't get a chance to inspect the cars we're purchasing. After some deliberation, we realized that buying cars directly from you just made more sense. We get to cut out the middlemen and eliminate the risk of uncertainty by being able to inspect cars better than we can at the auction. You get to leave with more cash for your ride because we're able to pass these perks on to you and offer you a better price, everyone wins.

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Why We Can Pay More

A used car travels a long a journey after it's traded in. This process consists of many players and each wants to make money, which is why most dealers will present a low offer at trade-in. The dealer has to make money on your car, so does the wholesale dealer who buys the trade-in and takes it to the auction. The auctioneer has to collect his fees, as does the transporter who brings the car to and from the auction. Finally, independent car dealers, like Driveo, who buy the cars at auction will also want to make money when the car is sold to it's next owner. By sourcing our inventory directly from you, we are able to bypass many of the middlemen who want to dip into the value of your car, so we can offer you more money!

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The Driveo Team

The Driveo Team has years of experience in the auto industry. We have the insight necessary to give you clear solutions to the problems that arise when selling or trading in your car. We aim to empower you with information, expertise and transparency so you can make the best decision available.

Denis Gusakov
Denis Gusakov General Manager
Christian Estrada
Christian Estrada Vehicle Acquisition Manager
Stan Shabalin
Stan Shabalin Finance Director
Anna Tuttle
Anna Tuttle Office Manager
Ramil Bulatov
Ramil Bulatov Market Research & Sales
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez Market Research & Sales
Corey Gonzales
Corey Gonzales Lead Technician
Alban Hasani
Alban Hasani Technician
Jeff Tye
Jeff Tye Technician
Manuel Delgado
Manuel Delgado Technician
Martin Coronado
Martin Coronado Facilities Manager
Joabany Carreto
Joabany Carreto Lot Attendant