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More Money Made Easy!

We pride ourselves in getting you more cash for your ride than a dealer trade-in and making the process much easier than selling it yourself. Check out why the Driveo way is the best way!

More Cash in Your Hands

sell my car for more money

More Money

Our offers are very competitive; we'll give you more money for your car than a dealer trade-in or car buying service. Many of our customers end up leaving with at least $1,000 more than an average dealer offer.

secure payment

Immediate and Secure Payment

With Driveo, there's no waiting period, grace period or third-parties handling your money. Once you're ready to sell, you get a secure check from us right away.

cash out

Cash Out

Oftentimes, dealers will only buy your car if you agree to buy one of theirs. With us, you can get cash for your car without having to purchase a new one.

car not paid off

Car not Paid Off?

It can be difficult to sell a car that isn't paid off because prospective buyers will require a lien free title prior to purchasing. We make that easy too! We'll send a payment to your bank and give you the difference between the agreed price and the amount you owe, if there is positive equity on your car. That means your car doesn't need to be paid off before selling to us.

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We Make It Easy

sell easy

Nearly Effortless

Save yourself the time and energy it takes to sell a car on your own or driving to a dealership for an appraisal. Our online process makes it so that you only have to come to Driveo if you're happy with our quote and are ready to sell to us!

driveo is flexible

We're Flexible

Your quote is valid for 30 days, giving you plenty of time to schedule an appointment so you can take your time to make the right decision and check out your options.

car paperwork

No Paperwork

You'll have zero interaction with the DMV when selling your car to us. We take care of all the paperwork for you and securely release liability in the car you sell to us.

car repairs

No Presale Repairs

A recent smog test or even some repairs are required when trying to sell a car on your own. We buy your car as it is, no smog test or repairs needed. You don't even have to wash it!

final sale

When it Sells, it Sells

No risk of having to deal with an unhappy buyer if something goes wrong after the sale.

driveo is easy to sell your car

Transparent and Easy

Our process is focused on great customer service. We show you exactly how we arrived at our quote. Any questions? We're here to help.

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Compare the Driveo Way VS:

Trade In

Don't let dealers give you less at trade-in, take a look at why Driveo is a great way to get more money for your car!

  • Cash in hand and more of it
  • Transparent and fair appraisal
  • Know the price upfront
  • Easy and convenient

There are many great reasons to choose Driveo over a standard dealer trade-in!

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Sell on Your Own

Selling a car on your own can be unpredictable and stressful, with Driveo you can sell your car as soon as you're ready. Check out why we're better than selling it yourself!

  • Sell your car right away
  • Secure payment and release of ownership
  • Sales are final
  • We'll take your car as is

Check out all the reasons Driveo is a better option than selling on your own!

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