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Driveo is now available in Louisville, KY. Do you need to sell your car? Look no further than Driveo! Driveo is an easy, fast and hassle-free way to sell your car Louisville metro area. Get a quick offer online, drop off your car locally and get paid on the spot. Selling your car in Louisville is now easy with Driveo! Buying cars from Clarksville, Jeffersontown, Fort Knox, Scottsburg, Madison, Elizabethtown, Shelbyville, Frankfort and beyond!

1801 Broadway St
Clarksville , IN 47129
Monday - Saturday:
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Selling Your Car in Louisville?

When it’s time to sell your car in Louisville, do yourself a favor and discover the Driveo way. Avoid the hassles and headaches of selling privately on your own while getting more money than you would from a trade-in deal. Get a fast online quote from Driveo, and if you like what you see then you can cruise into our Louisville location and cash out in record time!

Questions About Selling Your Car in Louisville

Do you service the Louisville area?

Yes! We do have a drop off location in Louisville. Check out our Locations page for more details.

How do I sell my car in Louisville?

Driveo is a great way to sell your car in Louisville. Just fill out our form to get a fast online quote that’s good for thirty days. If you like our quote, then just make an appointment to cruise in, finalize the details, and we’ll arrange a free ride to take you where you need to go in Louisville area after the sale.

Why should I sell my car with Driveo in Louisville?

If you want to sell your car in Louisville, Driveo offers a better way than the stress of trying to sell it privately on your own and puts more money in your pocket than you’d likely get on a standard trade-in deal. It’s fast, simple, convenient, and transparent. Get a Driveo quote now!

Where in Louisville do I drop off my car?

Check our Locations page. for where to bring your car in Louisville.

Can I call to talk to a live person?

Sure! Just visit our Locations page, click on our Louisville drop off location, and you’ll get the phone number to call Driveo in your area. You can also get a quote online - just fill out our online form now!

What are your Louisville drop-off location hours?

You can find the Louisville location hours by going to our Locations page and clicking on the location nearest you to find its hours of operation.

Will Driveo in Louisville buy any car?

We happily purchase a wide range of vehicles, however there are some that we do not appraise or purchase. They are as follows:

  • Vehicles 15 years and older
  • Certain Commercial vehicles
  • Vehicles with odometer issues
  • Vehicles with salvaged or branded titles
  • Vehicles with flood, fire or severe existing damage
  • Extensively modified vehicles
  • Rare sports and high-end luxury vehicles and vehicles with very narrow market

Why should I sell my car with Driveo in Louisville?

That's easy! You can get more money than most car dealers and many car buying services. Unlike selling on your own, Driveo is fast, easy, transparent, and secure. Find out more about why Driveo is a great way to sell your car.

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