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Tips for Selling Your Car

Tips and strategies on how to successfully sell or trade in your car.

Repeat and Referral Business Opportunities in the Car-Buying Biz

When a private owner is looking to sell a car, many dealerships treat it as a one-time transaction or at best as something that only happens occasionally. This means they’re missing out on critical repeat and referral business opportunities. Here’s how to make the most of every transaction by making a simple shift in perspective …

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How to Compete Against the Big-Name Car Buyers

When you see a recognizable brand-name company running slick national television ads for their car-buying service, it may feel like there’s no way you can compete against them, but you’d be wrong. Here’s how local dealers can beat the big boys: Local Market vs National Market What the big national car buying services are doing …

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Top 5 Factors that Matter More than Price When Buying Cars from Private Owners

We’ve previously made the point that price is an important factor, but it’s far from the only factor to consider when buying cars from private owners. Here are the top 5 factors that matter more than price. Dealers need to keep these in mind to keep winning business from sellers if they want to achieve …

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Is Price THE Most Important Thing When Buying Cars from Private Owners?

It may seem obvious that price is the most important thing for a dealer when buying cars from private owners. After all, you want to ensure your dealership will have an opportunity to make some profit when you go to resell the vehicle, right? But if your focus is solely on that difference between the …

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Driveo: A New Option to Sell Your Car in Houston

Available Exclusively at Mac Haik Chevrolet! Dealerships everywhere face the challenge of keeping up with the used car market. Customer demand is high, but the supply of quality used cars is the lowest anyone has seen in years. What’s a dealership to do? The answer at Mac Haik Chevrolet is Driveo, a new way to …

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Focusing on Profit or Volume When Buying Cars from Private Owners

Many businesses face the classic dilemma of whether to focus on profit per sale or volume of sales, but it’s an especially important question to answer for any car dealer buying cars from private owners. Is it better to buy more cars at lesser profit or buy fewer cars at more profit? The answer you …

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